Raymond Burr Regretted Missing Out On Marriage Due To His “Perry Mason” Role – Fostered 26 Kids


Cameron Diaz was one of Hollywood’s top actresses for years, but she’s stepped away from the spotlight in more recent years. At the height of her career, Diaz was one of the most sought-after celebrities and starred in major blockbuster films such as “Charlie’s Angels,” “The Holiday,” “Bad Teacher” and the “Shrek” franchise. Her filmography speaks for itself as it has only helped cement Diaz’s reputation as a Hollywood A-lister.

Diaz has received plenty of accolades for her work as an actress. However, in 2014, Diaz decided to take a step back from the spotlight. She starred in the remake of “Annie,” in which she played the role of Miss Hanigan. While her role in “Annie” was received well, Diaz’s last film in Hollywood was not a hit.

Nowadays, Diaz is focusing more on other career ventures and other aspects of her life. She has authored two health books called “The Body Book,” which was released in 2013 and went on to become a New York Times bestseller, and “The Longevity Book,” which was released in 2016. Diaz is also spending much of her time with her family as she is married to musician Benji Madden and is a happy mother to her daughter Raddix.

Diaz is currently 49 years old and is no stranger to the hardships of the entertainment industry, despite not being in the limelight as much these days. However, Diaz has learned a lot about herself and how she feels about aging and beauty routines as someone in the public eye.


Although it was written that Burr had served in the US Navy during World War II, later reports suggest that this wasn’t in fact true. In any case, it was during the early post-war years that Burr’s acting career really took off. Between 1946 and 1957 Burr appeared in more than 50 films and established himself as a familiar face in Hollywood film noir movies. These included the movies “Sleep, My Love,” “Raw Deal,” “Abandoned,” “Red Light” and “M,” among others.

Other roles for which he was well known included Hitchcock’s “Rear Window,” “A Cry in the Night” and more. He also appeared as the villain in various other genres including westerns, horror movies and period dramas. Of his casting in similar antagonistic roles, Burr told journalist James Bawden:

“I was just a fat heavy … I split the heavy parts with Bill Conrad. We were both in our twenties playing much older men.”

He added:

“I was drowned, beaten, stabbed and all for my art. But I knew I was horribly overweight. I lacked any kind of self esteem. At 25 I was playing the fathers of people older than me.”

Alongside his long repertoire of film roles, Burr also appeared in many radio dramas throughout his life and established himself as a prolific television actor from the 1950s onward. This led to the role he became most known for on the television drama “Perry Mason.” Burr played the titular district attorney and it made him a star. However, while the show made him a household name, it appeared to negatively impact his personal life. He told People in 1986, in reference to his time making the series:

“The only thing I regret in my life — I’m sorry I spent nine years of my life tying myself down. I couldn’t be married, have a family, even have friends.”

Burr continued to act in the decades after “Perry Mason” went off the air. Another show he was in, “Ironside,” was incredibly popular, while he also appeared in two Godzilla movies, including the first American-produced film about the famous Japanese monster.

Outside of his acting career, Burr lived a rich life. Alongside his philanthropic efforts, the actor had a reputation for being incredibly kind and generous to people in his everyday life. He also had wide-reaching interests in everything from cultivating orchids to collecting stamps, wine and sea shells, many of which he left to the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum in Florida.

Another lesser-known fact about Burr was his dedication to helping children in need. Through organizations such as the Foster Parents’ Plan and Save the Children, Burr fostered 26 children throughout his life, many of whom required medical help. The children were from countries including Vietnam, the Philippines, Korea, Italy and Greece.

Although he lived his life in the spotlight, there was much about Burr’s life that was unknown. After he passed away from liver cancer in 1993, a series of contradictions in Burr’s biographies came to light. From debate as to how many wives he had during his life — one marriage appears to be confirmed, while other sources have said he was married three times — to whether or not he was in a homosexual relationship with his friend and business partner Robert Benevides, Burr kept much of his life private. He admitted as much in a 1986 interview with People when he said:

“I’m not very actorish. I don’t play actor 24 hours a day. When the job is done, I go on to be myself, whoever that is.”

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