Bindi Irwin and family pose with photo of Steve Irwin for baby daughter’s 1st birthday – Happy Birthday


Steve Irwin may be gone from the world, but the legacy and love he left behind remains in a very strong way.

It’s difficult to imagine that it’s been almost 16 years since the world-famous conservationist passed away. Throughout his life, he endeavored to educate others on the wonderful animals we share this planet with; his passion for helping them was rivaled by none.


Of course, Steve’s beautiful family – his wife, Terri, and his two children, Robert and Bindi, joined him for the ride. They’ve done their utmost to continue his work regarding animal conservation, and both Robert and Bindi are growing into popular figures in their own right.

Last year, Bindi made headlines when she welcomed her own daughter, Grace Warrior, and the family recently celebrated the little one’s 1st birthday.

To mark the special occasion, the family posed for a photo alongside a photograph of Bindi’s father Steve.

“Happy Birthday to my graceful warrior,” Bindi wrote on Instagram. “One year of watching your beautiful heart bloom into the most extraordinary person. Grace, you have been an old soul from the very beginning. It is the greatest blessing to be your mama. I love you eternally, unconditionally and infinitely. ❤️”

Steve’s widow Terri, meanwhile, expressed her joy at being a grandmother.

“Today is Grace Warrior’s first birthday,” she wrote. “I am amazed every day when I see her determination, curiosity, and depth of love. There is a wise old soul behind her eyes, and I am very privileged to be her grandmother.”

We can only imagine how much pride Steve Irwin must feel upon looking down at the wonderful family he helped to create, and the overwhelming legacy created by his actions on Earth.

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