Mother Is Heartbroken After Thugs Vandalize Grave Of Two Little Brothers Who Died From A Rare Condition


Losing a child is heart-wrenching – losing two at once is even worse. Steph Green knows all about this as she lost her two little boys, Harry and Cody Churchill, to epidermolysis bullosa within days of one another.

As if that wasn’t heartbreaking enough, Steph is now coming forward to reprimand the thugs who destroyed the grave-site of her precious children.

Six years after their deaths, Steph might have finally been finding some peace and closure when the old wounds were opened right back up due to the actions of some unknown vandals. The unnamed thuges tore into the children’s grave, destroying and removing both mementos and toys from the area.

Steph explains that the best she can hope for is that her sons will be allowed to rest in peace and, because of these vandals, that wish has been destroyed. She says that her boys suffered enough during their lives and that she hates to think of them continuing to suffer now.

“I just want my children to be able to rest in peace and they can’t do that, it’s disgusting. For someone to come along and do that is just awful,” Steph told Metro.

Rather than a punishment, Steph just wants the vandals to come forward and offer an apology along with answers as to why they decided to disrupt the grave-site.

The police explain that the crime has been very damaging to the family, opening old wounds that were just starting to heal. In an effort to find the criminals, a full investigation is underway. The police are asking anyone with information to step forward, and also plead with the criminals to look to their consciences and feel compelled to come forward and offer an apology.

The crime took place shortly before what would have been Harry’s tenth birthday, making the entire event that much harder on everyone. At the time of their deaths, Harry was three and Cody was 21-months. Epidermolysis bullosa is a rare genetic disease where children experience extremely fragile skin that frequently tears or is blistered due to even the most minor injuries.

You can find out more about Harry and Cody’s stories by clicking here or here.

Please pass this story along to friends so that they can report any suspicious activity that they might be aware of. You can leave your condolences and best wishes to Steph in the comment section below.

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  1. Disturbing the grave of those sweet children was a very cruel, senseless act. Hope the suspects will see their faults and come forward.

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