Carpenter lives simply all his life – spends his savings to send 33 kids to college.


Kira Conard exactly knew what her family was going through when she was in high school. She understood their situation and wholeheartedly accepted it. Just when she thought that she couldn’t go to college because of financial problems, she received a call that she never thought would change her life big time.

It’s a phone call from Steve Nielsen, the one who told her the good news that it was possible for her to go to college and pursue her dreams. And it is all because of one selfless person whom she would never meet. That guy was the one who would send her to college.

He was a hard-working carpenter in Iowa. He passed away in 2005 and there were no close family members who mourned his death.

But there are 33 strangers who claimed to be his children.
They all gathered together one night to pay tribute to him and remember his kindness even though they never met him.

Dale’s friend and attorney, Steve Nielsen, shared how Dale spent his years when he was still alive. Aside from his profession, he would also spend his time at the church.

“[He] went to work every day, worked really hard, was frugal like a lot of Iowans…. He had church jeans and work jeans.”

Steve gave a glimpse of Dale’s simple life. For 67 years, he worked for the same company in Des Moines. He was earning back then but instead of spending them for himself, he chose to save them for his amazing plan.

According to Steve, Dale talked to him about it which surprised him. He told him that he wanted to spend his entire savings to help people go to college.

“He said ‘I never got the opportunity to go college and so I’d like to help kids go to college’,” Steve narrated.

Dale’s plan was already amazing but when he revealed how much he was willing to spend for the kids’ tuition, Steve was stunned more. Dale had over $3 million in funds and he was willing to give them away to help some kids’ reach their goals in life.

Everything went according to Dale’s plan with Steve’s help. His savings successfully funded the education of 33 young Iowans who are now successful in their respective fields.

In 2019, Dale savings run out but the people he helped would never forget how he changed their lives. Like Kira, all of them were able to go where they are now because of Dale.

“For a man that would never meet me…to give me, basically, a full ride to college…. That’s incredible. That doesn’t happen,” Kira said.

According to Steve, Dale had no conditions for the people he would like to help except for one thing.

“All he asked was that you pay it forward. You can’t pay it back ’cause Dale’s gone. But you can remember him, and you can emulate him.”

Dale’s kindness would never be forgotten. He inspired many people including his 33 “children” and he, without a doubt, is an epitome of selflessness.

Do you want to know more about him? Watch the video right below!

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