Gymnast Goes Viral For Michael Jackson Performance Scoring A Perfect 10 For Her New Moves


Are you a fan of Olympic gymnastics? Then you likely have heard the name of gymnast Katelyn Ohashi.

For four years, Ohashi was part of the junior national team for USA Gymnastics. In 2013, Ohashi even beat out Simone Biles in the championship for the American Cup.

As Biles went on to be a four-time Olympic winner, Ohashi eventually walked away from her Olympic gymnastic career. While the accolades were incredible, the experience itself was damaging.
Ohashi walked away from her Olympic aspirations because she felt “broken”. She wasn’t the same girl that she was when she fell in love with gymnastics for the first time.

Now that she was a seasoned Olympic gymnast, Ohashi felt stressed and anxious all the time. She hardly smiled and rarely enjoyed eating, as she always pushed herself to excessively exercise.

Even worse was the fact that Ohashi had to compete with two torn shoulders and a fractured back.

Ohashi was the exact definition of a “broken” person, both physically and emotionally–she had to get away.

Walking away from gymnastics was the hardest thing Ohashi had to do–but it was exactly what she needed to do if she ever hoped to heal.

While Ohashi planned to recover, she also hoped to compete when she got to college.

Now enrolled at UCLA, Ohashi’s routines are as powerful as they once were. In fact, one routine, in particular, is going viral and making its rounds on the Internet.

Performing to a medley of Michael Jackson’s hits, Ohashi packed her routine full of crazy challenging moves that really showcase her insane talent and physical capabilities.

Just as her gymnastics abilities are spreading all over the world, Ohashi’s infectious spirit is even more contagious. She now looks as if she is truly happy. She is also now getting the support and love she craved, rather than the harsh criticism that all Olympic athletes face.

After the UCLA gymnastics team posted Ohashi’s video on the Internet, it took off. Now, it has been shared over 102,000 times, with over 20.3 million views.

Many commenters noted how powerful Ohashi’s moves are, as well as how clearly joyful she looks.

Watch the perfect 10 routine for yourself and see just how incredible Ohashi is:

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