Married against parents’ wishes, husband and wife now oldest married couple in the world.


True love is forever.
Every now and then, you’ll see a relationship that’s truly special. Something that can endure the ages – love that lasts a lifetime.

For one Ecuadorian couple, the love spark’s always been there.

It was there 75 years ago, and it’s there now.

Meet Waldramina Maclovia Quinteros Reyes and Julio Cesar Mora Tapia from Quito, Ecuador.

In fact, they’ve been married for 79 years!
Their marriage has lasted longer than most people live! That’s impressive.

So what’s their story? Every great romance has an incredible story, of course!

They tied the knot on February 7 of 1941.
About 80 years ago, the young romantics fell in love during Waldramina’s school vacation.

They’ve been an item ever since, overcoming all obstacles the world’s hurled their way.

When they first met, their families objected against the romance. But that wasn’t going to stop them.

“It was not easy because our relatives did not have a good relationship, but with time and patience, we were able to unite them, and we became an example and the best reference for the younger generations.”

Their love continued to grow, blossoming into the resilient flower we see today.

What do you think of Julio and Waldramina’s romantic journey? They’re over a hundred years young, healthy, and still looking after one another.

Check out the entirety of Inside Edition’s story with the lovely Ecuadorian couple in the video player below.

We could all take a few pointers from them about lasting love.

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