Teen builds dream tiny home from scratch using recycled materials.


It’s absolutely gorgeous inside!
Tom has done what so many people have always wanted to do in their lifetime.

And he was only 17 when he started.

Like most young adults, Tom’s always wanted to be free but owning a house comes with wallet crushing costs. So he turned to recycled materials to control his budget and built his own home.

“My idea on building the hut was to keep it all simple and just live that simple life stress-free, to be honest. Well, I own everything I’ve got, and I’ve paid it all off—it’s all mine.”

Tom built his home on his grandfather’s land.
“It’s just a simple life and all you’ve got once you’ve built it, it’s just yours…” Tom said.

There’s a lot of space but he maintained that traditional rustic English feel.

Tom was 17 when he bought the trailer. He began his project while working and studying carpentry.
Tom was able to buy larch wood at a lower price so he used those for the front, while the sidings front and back are fence panels. His windows are all recycled which he found on a site that sold second hand materials.

“That was my goal there along just use reclaimed timber for the build because it’s on a budget,” Tom said.

There’s a lot of wood but most of them came from other homes which Tom took. He sanded them up, and just reused them.

The living room has a standard couch and wall-mounted television for leisure time but it’s also where Tom works and has his meals. His goal was to buy a versatile couch that has built-in storage.

Head to the living room and you’ll see an overhead ladder that connects to the loft. It’s an adjustable ladder that leads to Tom’s bedroom. It’s got a cozy double mattress, enough for Tom.

Tom began his build at 17, spending a total of $8,200. Not bad for a guy who was paid $5.50 per hour.

It just goes to show that regardless of age and circumstances, anyone can fulfill their dreams with determination and a whole lot of research. Imagine what Tom could have done with a bigger budget!

He’s got more renovations and changes in mind, and now that he’s probably making more, it’s an update we’d all like to see.

Take a tour of Tom’s home below!
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