Phil And Kay Robertson Are Filthy Rich But Still Live In The Same Double-Wide Mobile Home


Phil and Kay Robertson are the patriarch and matriarch of the famous show Duck Dynasty. Despite having a net worth of several million dollars, the duo still lives in a double-wide house. In fact, this is the same abode that the couple lived in over four decades in the past.

Mr. Roberston founded the Duck Commander company in 1973. He was an avid duck hunter who became disillusioned with the quality of duck call products that were available. Robertson decided to make his own duck calls that were much higher quality.

He created the first product for his Duck Commander company in 1972. He patented the unique design and the business grew rapidly. Willie Robertson, his son, took over the family company in recent years. It has since grown to greater heights.

The fame of the Robertson family grew exponentially when their reality TV show Duck Dynasty was released. The country adored the family’s Christian faith and addictive personalities.

Maria Menounos, the show’s host, spent some intimate time with the Robertson family. She toured the company’s headquarters and went to Kay and Phil’s house for dinner. Maria noticed the modest living style of the family despite their insane wealth.

She ended up writing an article about her experience with the family. She notes that their double-wide home has remained the same despite their increase in net worth and fame. The couple clearly hasn’t compromised their values or way of life.

They have only added a little bit of closet space. Kay and Phil also proudly display artwork from fans across the United States.

In a revealing interview with the HuffPost, Kay reported that concrete was the only area in her life where she spent a lot of money.

“He let me put the concrete on the driveway,” Kay told Maria. “Now we have half a driveway!”

Phil agreed that pouring concrete for a driveway was a good way to spend their money. Now, the couple enjoys their half of a driveway.

The Robertson’s have also added some rocks in their front yard for an aesthetic charm. Even with an increased income, the couple decided to continue living in the home where they raised four sons. Phil and Kay are well-known for purchasing a lot of land surrounding their home. This land is primarily used for hunting.

Phil wakes up early every morning to maintain the land and prepare it for duck season. Overall, the couple owns 1,000 acres. There are over 70 different duck blinds that occupy these acres. Phil and Kay are estimated to be worth over $15 million.

What do you think of Phil and Kay Roberson? Would you live so modestly if you were rich? Let us know in the comments and pass this along to your friends and family to see what they think, too!

10 thoughts on “Phil And Kay Robertson Are Filthy Rich But Still Live In The Same Double-Wide Mobile Home

  1. yES IWOULD WANT TO BE JUST LIKE THEM AND have money to help whom ever needed helping relatives, friends , or any one else. God loves cheerful givers.

  2. I don’t know about their lives but I would love to go down there an duck hunt with those guys I have never hunted ducks

  3. Love that game and fortune has not turned them like so many have. Their love of GOD and the faithful way they have raised their family shows this.i would be proud to call them my friends

  4. Yeah if I was rich like them I would live in a trailer cause there cheaper to work on and if they get to bad you can move it out and move another in and you don’t have to have a big fancy house to live just a choice I was raised to be appreciative of what life gives you and not to be greedy one day it will find you.

  5. I think they know the meaning of life and family. It’s not material stuff. I think they help their family and the needy. They enjoy the simple life and know they don’t need to impress. The bible tell us God don’t like a proud look and their religious faith is stronger that all the riches of this life. God bless them..They live as I would with a humble heart and not worship money. Enjoy the beautiful of God’s creation of the land, wildlife and love for all..

  6. I love that Kay and Phil didn’t let their money change them. So often when people acquire money they change. It’s nice to see their values remained.

  7. Well, we live in a garage house on some land. Cost of building materials have soared so high, it may remain our humble abode for a long while. But we are comfortable and enjoy the country life and what it has to offer. No regrets.

  8. People like Phil an miss Kay know what it’s like to be poor. They live like this because it’s easy gone . A 100000 house is just as great as a million dollar home . A Chevy will get u just as far as a BMW OR ROOLS ROYCE With lots of money ,lots of people want it

  9. I absolutely would stay where I have my memories. You can’t take stuff with you. HOWEVER you can take your memories your relationships, what you keep in your heart. To many people are changed by wealth im glad they are not.

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