Identical Twins Give Birth To Rainbow Babies At The Same Hospital, On The Exact Same Day


In November of last year, identical twins were experiencing contractions at the same time. Eventually, the sisters went into labor simultaneously and gave birth to two healthy children within two hours of each other.

This is an incredible coincidence that has been making headlines around the country. There are even more surprising details that make this event special. Bao Nhia Julia Yang and Bao Kou Julie Yang, the 23-year-old twins, both had suffered from miscarriages in the past.

Their next pregnancies were brought to full-term, making both of their newborns rainbow babies.
Both sisters were brought into the hospital a week before their official due date. The twins were incredibly surprised about the perfect timing. Despite their feelings of shock, the sisters were happy for each other. It was a miracle that the two sisters experienced such a timely pregnancy.

The circumstances around these births were truly rare. Unfortunately, both sisters had experienced miscarriages beforehand. This harsh reality made these births even more meaningful to the sisters. The twins have supported each other through the difficult times following the emotional miscarriages.

In an emotional interview with People, the sisters revealed their experiences after the miscarriages. Bao Kou acknowledged that her sister’s company truly helped her through the difficult experience. The twins were fortunate to be able to rely on each other during their time of need. Now, their close relationship has been solidified even further.

These miraculous births weren’t only a big deal for the twins. It was also a monumental and memorable event for the Community Regional Medical Center. The hospital in Fresno shared a picture of the twins and their newborns on Facebook.

The newborns are named Nadalie and Candra. The story had already been circulating around various forms of social media for a few days.

Everyone has heard stories about twins who seem to have a special connection. This story is proof that identical twins can share something truly unique. After sharing a difficult experience and confiding in one another, the sisters were able to share in the joy of their happiest experiences.

While it is rare for twins to become pregnant at the same time, it is incredibly unlikely that their labor starts at the same time. The odds make it nearly impossible that the twins give birth within two hours of each other.

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