102-Year-Old Woman Sees Footage Of Herself Performing In The Thirties For The First Time


Back in 2015, a then 102-year-old Alice Barker got to watch a clip of herself dancing in the 1930s for the first time. She passed away peacefully on April 6, 2016.

Most people have at least one thing they’re passionate about. Something they would do for free for the rest of their lives. Due to a lack of resources, at times we can’t capture our fondest memories on camera. This is especially true if someone is on the older side. It can be a sad thing to not have those memories or to reminiscence in them.

Alice Baker has always had a talent and passion for dancing. According to Newsweek, she would perform spectacular dances throughout her life. She did this primarily in her thirties and forties. Due to the time period she danced, she never had the opportunity to see herself perform.

Luckily, Mark Cantor of ‘Giants of Jazz on Film’ and David Shuff was able to secure some footage of Alice dancing. For the first time in her life, she was able to see herself dance. Cantor and Shuff brought the footage to her retirement home where they played it for her.

They put her videos on the Internet which gave her immense joy. It made her feel connected to the world again. She always told herself she would even dance for free because she loved it so much. She performed jazz routines alongside other dancers.

Seeing herself dance for the first was something she cherished for the rest of her life. The dance videos were in Barker’s possession.

They were seen typically played in the commons area of her retirement home. Many of the other residents enjoyed her dance videos. She was deemed a superstar amongst her fellow residents. Barker lived to be 103 years old. Her dance videos can still be seen all over the memory. Her memory lives on forever.

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