Boyfriend chose to help his girlfriend to shave her fallen hair she tears down seeing him starting to shave his own hair like her


Alopecia refers to a condition in which the hair follicles come under attack from the immune system. Hair may fall out in small or large patches due to the condition. Apparently, Eva felt it was better to shave her head than deal with the patches of hair loss.

Her boyfriend Damien chose to help her by shaving her head. And then he did something else. He also chose to shave his head. The two captured the event on TikTok and shared it for everyone to see.

The TikTok video contains an aura of sadness. As Damien cuts Eva’s hair, viewers see her distraught over the ordeal. Sometimes tears flow. The two share a few moments of laughing and talking together. However, the situation is far from privileged.

Right after he finished shaving Eva’s head, Damien used the scissors on her hair. The young man shaves his head without any hesitation. Damien’s act of love shows his solidarity with his girlfriend.

Eva felt an incredible impact from this act. She started crying after realizing what Damien was doing. Somehow Damien was showing his girlfriend that she was not alone and that he was going to stand by her side.

The video has struck a chord with viewers, having already garnered a large number of views. A popular social media influencer promoted the video, allowing it to reach a large audience.

It’s not hard to see why people react so positively to the photo. The video reveals what true love is. This heartfelt message resonates and makes people feel good about the world

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