Proud Moms Flaunted Their Postpartum Bodies On Social Media And Say They Are Frequently Targeted By Online Bu ll ies


Pregnancy and childbirth have a major influence on a woman’s body, in many cases permanently. It takes time to get used to being a mom, and many women turn to social media to help make the adjustment easier.

For moms whose post-baby bods aren’t what you typically see on the cover of magazines, feeling confident can be a challenge.

Many mothers who share pictures of their bodies online say that they’re frequently targeted by online bul lies and hateful comments. Bethanie Garcia, a mom of four, recently got together with her close gal pals Katie, Meg and Desiree at a blogging conference.

The four women decided to snap a photo together that proudly showed off their post-baby bodies.

Meg started the hashtag #this_is_postpartum to help mothers find solidarity and body positivity for other moms whose bodies aren’t conventionally “perfect.”

The photo of the four proud mammas garnered thousands of likes, but there were plenty of naysayers, too. Some people missed the point of celebrating your body no matter what it looks like, and internet bul lies posted comments ranging from a few claiming that it’s “a choice not to lose the baby weight” and some even stating that it’s a woman’s duty to stay a “smokin’ hot wife” even after having babies.

Women do not have a duty to be anything. They are human beings who are entitled to look however they like. Now, these moms have helped to spread the powerful message that even if your body doesn’t line up with common expectations or desires, you can still feel and look beautiful.

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