Dairy Queen Owner Refuses To Apologize For ‘Politically Incorrect’ Sign


A Dairy Queen store found itself in serious trouble after posting a controversial sign. What makes it even worse for some people? The owner refused to apologize for it.

A Dairy Queen restaurant in Kewaskum, Wisconsin has garnered unexpected attention after a sign went viral. Hanging on the front window for years is a sign with an unmistakably bold yet controversial message to patrons. With just a few phrases that we commonly hear, the sign garnered attention as it started a debate when it was spotted by an out-of-towner.

Printed in red and white, the post easily grabs one’s focus before they enter the door. Displayed for all to see, the sign “warns” those entering the Kewaskum Dairy Queen that “this restaurant is politically incorrect,” noting that staff say “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Easter,” and, “God Bless America,” according to WDJT-Milwaukee.

“We salute and honor the flag,” the sign adds, stating that they “give thanks to our troops,” as well as police officers, firefighters, and the USA, too. In addition, the sign also states that the restaurant offers free sundaes to military veterans on Veterans Day. It concludes with a hard to ignore, very bold “In God We Trust.”

“I felt the sign was appropriate to hang in terms of being transparent about the views of the owner and staff supporting God and country,” said Kevin Scheunemann, the franchise owner of this particular Dairy Queen. “It just seems that those kinds of values and principles are becoming controversial in society.”

The sign was first hung years ago after Scheunemann received a customer complaint about Christian music playing in the restaurant, according to the owner, and it was seemingly effective in snuffing out any further objections. Remaining in place for years without any other issues, the sign only drew attention when an out-of-town guest from Oregon took notice of it.

The Oregon guest posted a picture of Scheunemann’s sign on Facebook with a complaint that read, “I find this extremely offensive,” explaining that it was “posted to the front door at the Kewaskum, WI, DQ,” and asking Dairy Queen’s corporate office to “speak with the franchise owner.” The image of the sign quickly went viral.

After receiving a tremendous amount of attention, the original post, expressing concern for what the Oregon guest felt were seemingly exclusive ideals represented in the message of the sign, was later deleted, according to KIRO. At least one commenter expressed relief over the post’s removal, saying that they wondered why the message caused such vitriol among some people.

“There are some people [who] are agreeing with the sign (and that’s okay), but at the same time are making personal attacks towards the person who shared the picture and voiced her opinion (which is definitely not okay),” the social media user explained in a comment. But, that was just one reaction to the controversy that unfolded

Not only have people traveled from all around to visit the DQ location and show their support, local business owners agree with Scheunemann’s decision to hang the sign as well, stating that the customer can decide not to enter if they disagree with the owner’s expression of his beliefs.

“He posted it on the door so you see it before you walk in,” explained April Serwe, another local business owner. “You don’t have to walk in if you don’t agree with it.” And, April isn’t alone in her sentiments and support for Scheunemann being able to run his business as he wishes, either.

Wisconson State Representative Jesse Kremer visited the DQ location with his family and posted the above photo to social media with a caption that read, “Thank you CBS 58 and a friendly Oregon visitor for making our hometown Dairy Queen in Kewaskum the latest Wisconsin tourist attraction! Happy to see that the owner has not backed down from his 1st amendment right to Free Expression!”

Not only do local business owners and politicians support franchise owner Kevin Scheunemann, but local residents do too. “In this small community, I don’t think it’s a problem,” said Liz Torrison, a resident who was interviewed by the local news. “We’re all just liking each other and having fun,” she added.

Dairy Queen expressed that it did not endorse this franchise owner’s approach. “This sign expresses the views of this independent owner only and does not speak for ADQ Corporation or any of our other independent franchise owners,” a statement from DQ’s corporate headquarters read, adding, “We expect our franchisees and employees to treat every person who walks through our doors with the utmost dignity and respect. Nothing less is acceptable.”

19 thoughts on “Dairy Queen Owner Refuses To Apologize For ‘Politically Incorrect’ Sign

  1. Tell the Oregon visitor to go back to they’re snowflake state and leave other states alone! I see nothing wrong with this sign, in fact I applaud the owner for not giving in to stupid people and not apologizing! I live in a southwestern state that is full of like minded people and we’re beginning overrun by people just like that out of state visitor. If they don’t like our ways, stay out of our state. You ran yours into the ground and it’s not going to happen here!

  2. So glad the owner stood by his beliefs!! The Oregon person in my view has no right to say anything. Do not like the sign go elsewhere. I’m sick of people like this.

  3. Hi, I am a white conservative straight American, who says the pledge of allegiance, stands for the flag and national anthem, support our troops, police officers, firefighters, also say Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, God Bless America, free speech and freedoms. I will never allow the leftest woke liberal Democrats establishment stop me from those rights. Never. If it offends you, don’t look, don’t listen, don’t visit, stay home. Don’t tread on My Rights.

  4. Hooray!!,
    The majority of most Americans I know would agree with FREEDOM of SPEECH !! We support everyone involved with putting this sign up and keeping it where it is!!
    Those who don’t like it probably don’t like ice cream anyway😎😂

  5. STAND YOUR GROUND, Lynchburg , Va. is with you 🇺🇸❤️👍🙏‼️ 100% We still have right even if that democrat from Oregon, you don’t like it go somewhere else 👍

    1. how do you know she is a democrat i am one i dont think that way i stand with the Dairy queen owner

  6. “…the Oregon guest..”
    Thats all they had to say, and we knew where this was going. They should rename that state KARENOPIA.

  7. people that make complaints as, “I find this extremely offensive,” are the problem; I dare you to put it to an HONEST vote

  8. It gets more and more difficult all the time, for those of us Native Oregonians to be Conservative (to any degree) w/o this type of childish abuse!
    I, for one, am Glad to see/hear the unilateral response to her reaction! She WAS Warned & yet chose to be offended? Rediculous!

  9. I’m sure this sign would not have anything to do with the quality of service and respect given to customers.
    At this establishment.
    God bless America !
    And God bless this DQ franchise owner.

  10. So Dairy Queen is supposed to take down a sign because one person was offended? That’s exactly what’s wrong in this country right now! I have a similar sign in my garage. If they don’t like it they can leave! Way to go Dairy Queen!

  11. Praying God blesses this DQ owner for his stand. We live in a day when people think they can bully you into throwing out your beliefs, and bow to their demands. You must stand for something or you will fall for anything.

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