‘Doting’ Queen Leaves Little Presents On Prince George’s Bed Every Time He Sleeps Over


While the future king of England is growing up fast he’s not too old for Queen Elizabeth to dote on him. Royal insiders reveal George is Her Majesty’s favorite.

Royal expert Richard Price told the Fabulous Digital “The doting Queen takes time to select little presents that she leaves at the foot of George’s bed every time he stays over. It is telling that the Queen, who is expert at not appearing to have any favorites, goes out of her way to spend time with young George.” George has also attached himself to the 93-year-old monarch by giving her the nickname “Gan Gan.”

In honor of George’s birthday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared photos of the little prince in an England national soccer jersey with a giant grin and some missing teeth. Prince William had joked before that his children are a rowdy bunch. ABC News reported the Duke saying, “No broken bones yet but they’re trying. Running around, pushing things, jumping,” he said. “Please tell me it gets easier.”

The Sun reports that little royal will celebrate his birthday with his family in Mustique, later on, he will have some friends from his school come and join for celebrations. Price also said the prince is a people person, “Whether he has learned this from his father or it simply comes naturally, he first likes to be sure that he can trust them. Growing up surrounded by courtiers, you learn fast that not everybody has your best interests at heart.”

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