Blogger Who Falsely Accused Army Colonel Of R…. Learns Her


When a woman accused an Army colonel of r…., it d…. his life and career. A judge has since decided the f…. of the case. When it was read aloud in c…, ja…. hit the floor as people g….over the controversial ruling.

Susan Shannon, a 52-year-old blogger living in Everett, Washington, posted an article with serious a…. aga-i-n–st a US Army colonel. According to the al…. published in Shannon’s blog, she was se….. by Army Colonel David “Wil” Riggins in 1986 while they were both c…. at West Point, the United States Military Academy in New York.

Almost immediately, Riggins’ successful military career was turned upside down by the claims. The combat veteran from Alexandria, whose career included tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, was on the cusp of being appointed to brigadier general when Army leaders saw Shannon’s r…. on her blog, according to Daily Mail. Riggins’ promotion was quickly snatched away as his name was dragged through the mud.

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