VIDEO: Pretty Girl Shows Her P…. In Public, Claims It’s For A Good Cause


She’s pretty, she’s blonde, and she’s showing her p…. in public and on video. Innocent onlookers are suddenly faced with a flashing young woman, exposing her u…. in crowded places. She claims to have a good reason for it, but not everyone understands or agrees. You be the ju…..

Anna Dovgalyuk, a Russian student, is taking a stand in a highly controversial way. In a form of p…., she lifts her skirt in crowded public places, f….. to have a look at her p….., while cameras roll to capture it all. She chooses crowded places, like a subway station, to maximize her exposure — no … intended.

Of course, the display is already c…., but when people find out the reason behind her provocative s…., many are left even more confused. According to Anna, she’s lifting her skirt to battle a…. and call for the c….. of “u….,” where s…. film under unsuspecting women’s skirts using mobile phones or specially made devices.

Anna claims that she made the controversial video, seen below, on behalf of all the women who have been the v….. of “u….” c…., who capture photos and footage without the target’s knowledge. The private images and clips are then often sold on the internet to fellow p…..

“So take a look at what we have under our skirt and don’t come near us anymore!” she says in the caption of the video, according to Project Authenticity. She doesn’t have the power to change the law, but in the description of the video, she says that she hopes to draw attention to the problem with her “video manifest.”

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