VIDEO: Big B… Sucker P…. Varsity Cheerleader, Gets Grounded & Pounded


The blonde varsity cheerleader repeatedly told this b…. she did not want to f…., but the big b… didn’t listen. That was a big mistake, and every painful moment was captured on video.

Varsity cheerleader Savannah Sprague repeatedly told a b…. that she did not want to f….. Apparently, she was left with no choice but to defend herself, f…. back, and come out on top. “No, nobody wants to f…. You guys want to f… us. Nobody speaks on you guys, nobody talks about you guys,” the teen says before she gets sucker p…. by the larger b…. in Concord, California.

After receiving the first blow, the pint-sized cheerleader for Clayton Valley Charter High School b… up the b…., according to Daily Mail. Savannah goes absolutely ballistic, throwing a series of haymakers, and she even manages to flip her larger opponent to the ground. Then, she gets on top of the b…. and continues to pummel her with vicious, repetitive, closed-fist blows to her back and face.

Perhaps the big b…. thought that Savannah Sprague would make an easy target, as the aggressor was much larger than her opponent. Indeed, the b…. looks to weigh about twice as much as the cheerleader. However, what the cheerleader lacked in size she made up for in athleticism. She was unbelievably spry and quick on her feet, while the b…. was slow and out of shape, allowing the cheerleader to win their f…. in a matter of seconds, despite their obvious size difference.

Footage of the crazy altercation went viral after it was posted to Twitter by the cheerleader’s sister, Sierra Sprague, who wrote, “so my little sister got in a f…. tonight and i don’t think i’ve ever been more proud, with her phone in her hand & everything lmao THATS MY MF SISTER LETS GOOOOOOO.

Tibunist reports that the replies on Twitter were sufficiently embarrassing for the b….. It was enough, finally, for Sierra Sprague to attempt to put an end to the comments. “Alright guys, it was funny for a while, but I think she gets it. She got put in her place & I’m sure she knows better from now on. Let’s chill on her & instead lets spread some love & positivity. I wanna see everyone compliment each other in the replies or something,” Sierra said.

“She shouldn’t have done what she did, and I’m glad Twitter put her in her place, so hopefully she can learn from this, grow, & become a better person,” Sierra said on Twitter. “If nobody said anything she would just keep doing what she was doing, you feel me? But she probably isn’t feeling too good right now & I would never want it to get to the point where they don’t wanna be on this earth anymore. I believe everybody deserves a second chance & that she got what she deserves but to learn from it.”

According to Sierra, her little sister Savannah was not punished by the school for f…., even though she was wearing her varsity cheerleading uniform at the time the altercation went down. This was a solid decision by the school, as footage of the incident clearly shows that the cheerleader was only defending herself after the b… p,…. her in the face.

While violence is not the answer to any situation, there are certainly times when self-defense is not only warranted but absolutely necessary. The cheerleader in this viral video repeatedly told her opponent that she did not want to f….. She even warned the big b… not to touch her before she was sucker-p….. But, her a…. didn’t listen, so she had every right to defend herself.

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