Video Of White Toddler, 3, Being ‘Racially B….’ By Her Black Neighbors Sparks Uproar After It Was Posted On Facebook


A shocking video was captured of a 3-year-old toddler …. being “racially b….” by older children. The footage sparked an uproar after it was posted to Facebook.

Mackenzie Peterson was identified as the 3-year-old white toddler who appears in a video that frequently makes its rounds on social media, sparking an uproar and outrage each time it emerges once again. In the d….. footage, Mackenzie appears to be “racially b….” by her slightly older black neighbors.

Two clips of the incident were originally uploaded to Facebook and titled, “When white people p… black people off,” and they captured a heartbreaking scene. As the little Minneapolis girl, who’s seen sitting on her tricycle, tries to play with two older black girls, the older girls are encouraged to h…, push, and verbally a… the toddler by an older boy, who remains off-camera.

It was later learned that the older boy, who’s heard encouraging the b…., was the black girls’ 12-year-old brother, who shot the footage and uploaded it to Facebook, where it quickly went viral much to his family’s dismay. Viewers, who watched in h…, quickly became outraged, calling the videos evidence of r…. A torrent of t…. calls was unleashed on the parents of the b…. children, who had no idea the i… had been filmed and posted online.

The black children’s dad rushed to apologize to the parents of the v…, who were equally clueless that the i… had even occurred, Daily Mail reported. Both sets of parents have said that there is no problem and everything has been settled amicably, denying that the i… was racially motivated, but some find that a little hard to believe after seeing the video.

In the footage, the two older girls yell, “You u…,” at the toddler as she sits on her plastic. Mackenzie is also seemingly spat at by one of the girls, who was later identified as a 5-year-old neighbor. Another girl grabs Mackenzie’s own hand and uses it to make the toddler hit herself. “Why you h…. yourself? Why you h…. yourself,” asks the 12-year-old brother of the b…. as he films the incident.

Mackenzie is b….mercilessly by the other girls until she’s brought to tears. After Mackenzie begins to cry loudly, the b… leave her in the middle of the street on her tricycle, but the incident doesn’t end there. In another clip, Mackenzie is seen off her trike, still attempting to play as one of the girls says, “Hit her hard and slap her head like this.”

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