Dad Protects His Kids & K…. Teen R,…. — His Grieving Mom Wants To Know Why 5 Shots Were F…..


When an a…. teen pointed his g….. at a man’s children in a Texas Popeyes, the protective father defended his kids, sh…. the c…. d….. Now, the deceased teen’s mother has one simple question for the man who k…. her son.

Andrew Thomas Herrera, 19, walked into a Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, with the intention of r….. the business. Determined to show everyone that he was a serious thh…., Herrera d…. money from a male customer before ultimately pointing his g…. at the man’s children. The g….’s mother, Cynthia Ruiz, is u…. with the outcome.

What the a….. c…. didn’t realize was that the young v….’ father was a licensed c….. carrier. Before Herrera could make his next move, the protective father pulled out his f…. and shot the r…. 5 times, k….. him. A month after the teen’s d…., his g…. mother had a simple question she wanted the d….. father to answer.

While speaking to KSAT, Cynthia Ruiz relived the day her son was s…. as he attempted an a…. r….. Mourning the loss of her son, Ruiz explained that she understands the father’s reason for sh…. Herrera. However, she still cannot g…. one aspect of the i…. and has insisted upon an answer from him.

As she peered into the cameras, holding an enlarged photograph of her deceased son, Ruiz demanded to know why the father, who was protecting his young children, shot her son “four more times” instead of sh…. him once. In an almost accusatory tone, Ruiz questioned the father’s intentions, asking for what reason he had to “sh…. him five times?”

Cynthia Ruiz has requested to see the surveillance in order to determine for herself what happened that ….l day. Unfortunately for her, police would not confirm whether any such f… exists, leaving the mother to speculate on the events that took place.

“Andrew was who he was,” Ruiz told KSAT before clarifying that she wasn’t “making excuses” for his behavior. “Did my son deserve to be p….? Yes, he did.”

However, Ruiz seemed to continue defending her son’s actions, adding that Herrera’s friend and getaway driver that night claims that “the g… wasn’t loaded.” She further explained that her son was diagnosed with s….in 2016 and suffered from bipolar disorder as a child and that he had stopped taking his medications 3 weeks before his d……

Ruiz said her son had told her, “What is life? Being on medicine all the time and I’m sleeping? I’m missing life.”

Cynthia Ruiz admitted that she suspected her son was involved in nefarious acts when he started bringing home money, despite being unemployed. Still, instead of digging into his suspicious behavior, she encouraged him to use the ill-gotten gains on renting a house.

“If you have money from whatever you’re doing, you can take that money and find a place to live,” Ruiz said.

The SAPD confirmed that Herrera may have been involved in several r….. prior to the f… . The police refused to comment on the case in question, reminding reporters that it’s an active investigation. As for the father who f…. Herrera, he is considered a local hero.

A police spokesman later said, “Here in Texas, if you’re in fear of l…. of life, loss of property, you have a right to d…. yourself.”

The i…. proves that there is no way of knowing a person’s intentions when they point a g… at you and that the best way to defend yourself and your loved ones is to legally a…. yourself. While we can sympathize with this mother’s tragic loss of her child, it is solely a consequence of his choices alone.

Finally, to answer her burning question as to why the man shot her son 5 times instead of just once, it was the only way to ensure that the threat to his own children was neutralized.

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