VIDEO: Woman B… Bagger With Special N…., ‘Lady In Red’ Confronts Her


If you witnessed someone b…. a person with S…., would you let them get away with it? That very situation was caught on camera at a grocery store when a customer began to b/…. a bagger. Wait until you see how the woman in red, in line behind the b…, reacts.

Peter, a bagger with s…., was working at a Glen Rock, New Jersey grocery store called Kilroy’s Wonder Market when things quickly became uncomfortable for bystanders. A customer began to a… Peter, who happens to have S…., saying she believed the bagger with s…. was moving too slow.

Making d…. comments towards Peter, she blasted the young man, not caring how it made him feel. Slinging verbal a…., she called the bagger with s…. r…. and questioned why the market was even allowing him to work in the front of the store rather than keeping him in the back, where he wouldn’t be a bother to customers who were in a hurry.

To say witnesses had a strong reaction is an understatement. One woman, in particular, happened to be a school teacher, so she decided to bestow some wisdom on the critic. She was going to teach the lady in front of her a lesson in respect. After the rude customer remarked that they had entered the “slow lane” and used the derogatory term “….,” the fellow customer quickly spoke up.

“That isn’t the word we use anymore,” she snapped back. “I work as a teacher and I try to be sensitive to someone’s needs,” she added, imparting a lesson in compassion on the b….. “Sometimes we all need to do that,” she continued. When the b…. was undeterred and continued to make condescending remarks, the teacher said, “I think we should have good manners.”

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