3 Th…. ‘Wake Up The Dragon’ After Sho… Marine Who Wasn’t Ready To Di3


A Marine Corp veteran in Alabama answered a knock on his door and was instantly hit in the a… and chest with a sh…. blast. Three intruders r…. him of his cancer medication two weeks earlier, and they were back to get more. This time, the veteran was ready to “react and do” what was necessary to save his own life.

As Michael Irving stumbled backward and bled from his g…. wound, he reached for what he called his “old-time p…” and st… himself to deliver retribution on the three low-life hoodlums who were about to end his life in Theodore, Alabama. Irving opened his door to face the assailants as one of them tried to reload a single barrel sh…..

The details of what happened next are why Irving’s story has gone viral. This 62-year-old Marine is a hero in every right. “When I come up to the door, he blasts me,” Irving said. That’s when he thought to himself, “You’ve just been sh…., you’re fixing to d…, I might d….”

“I didn’t know them or who they were. Why me? Why sh… me?” Irving wondered. “When I walked right here to open the door, that’s when they sh…. me. Right there, cut loose on me and that’s when I went to the cabinet here and back behind the coffee I had an old-time p…., and then I opened the door and smoked ’em.”

Michael Irving, who knew these a… criminals were there for his cancer medication, realized they weren’t going to stop after he sh…. the first assailant, who police later identified as Joseph Heathcock. As Heathcock fell to the ground, the f…. continued.

Michael Irving told reporters that two of the suspects sh… at him as they fled while leaving a wounded woman behind. Police later identified one woman as Chasatie Dulabhan and the other as Casey Ray Gann. Irving says he shot one of the fleeing suspects again in the b… as they ran. “I didn’t want to have to k… them,” he said.

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