Man In Military Fatigues Flattens Man With H…., Sits On His Chest


A man in military f…. was captured on camera, flattening a black man with a ha…. and then sitting on his chest. The footage quickly went viral as some claimed the military-dressed man went too far, but others say he was just giving the other guy what he deserved after what he did.

Said Hamideh was along Elmwood Avenue, in Buffalo, New York on a Thursday when he witnessed a black man, who Hamideh believed to be mentally ill, walking towards a white man dressed in military fatigues and lunging toward him, according to the Daily Mail. Hamideh captured what happened next on video, and the footage quickly went viral.

According to Hamideh, the unnamed black man reportedly spat on the white man’s car and “made di….. r…. about the military,” The Blaze reported. Not taking too kindly to the black man’s r…., the white man h… him in the face with a h…. of a p…., f…. the black man to the ground. He then sat on the black man’s chest to restrain him as an a… crowd g…..

After dropping the suspect to the ground, the man in the military fatigues is seen sitting on the black man’s chest, waiting for officers with the Buffalo Police Department to arrive. He’s heard yelling for bystanders to call authorities as onlookers rush to the scene. Rather than help, however, they demand the white man get off the black man’s chest.

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