VIDEO: Furious Trucker Destroys Cowardly Woman B…. At Waffle House


After witnessing a cowardly man a…. a vulnerable woman at a Waffle House, a good Samaritan, who is a mountain of a man, decided to take action. This big truck driver d…. the woman b….a, and it was all caught on video.

The video footage of the i…. starts mid-confrontation. The bigger man, who is a truck driver, took o…. when this coward b…. on a woman, so he got in his face with a very private invitation, s…. o…. at the visibly frightened smaller black male. In just a few short seconds, the problem becomes clear as the big man sh…. at the woman b…., “You touch her again and you will be my mother f…. breakfast.”

The not-so-gentle giant explained to the coward that hitting a woman is not the way to get your point across, and if he ever does it again, the big guy will personally deliver a v…. b…. upon this loser. This was after the woman b…. y…. at his wife/girlfriend and started to ch…. her right there in the Waffle House.

You deserve to be shamed and c…. if you’re hitting a woman. We need more men like this that are willing to stand for others and do the right thing, no matter how d…. it is. Although it’s highly unlikely that this man is done a…. women, it’s nice to see that he got a nice public shaming for his actions.

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