Home I…. Elderly Man &His Wife, Ends With One D… After Homeowner Grabs His G…


A Pennsylvania home invasion ended with one d… after a home i…decided to enter an elderly man’s house and v…. a… the homeowner and his wife. The d… ordeal was a frightening reminder that “the world isn’t getting any better,” as one resident said. Not even your own home is safe, but there is something you can do about it.

Steven David Shaffer, a 54-year-old Pennsylvania man, reportedly entered a Berwick Township home in Adams County belonging to a couple in their late 70’s. Dressed in only a t-shirt, the nearly n… home i… launched a vi…. the elderly couple, b…. them with his fists. But, unbeknownst to him, he had met his match. His i… v… weren’t going down without a f….

After reportedly trying to get into another home on the 800 block of Green Springs Road in Berwick Township and other people’s cars, according to the Pennsylvania State Police, Shaffer entered the unnamed homeowner’s house on the next block and began as… the elderly man in the couple’s living room. During the v…a…, the elderly husband told his wife to get their g… from their bedroom, and she complied.

Even with the th… of a f…, however, Shaffer was undeterred. As the woman made her way to the bedroom, police said a nearly n…. Steven David Shaffer followed her — a decision he’d quickly come to regret. The home i… “v… a…” the woman on the bed as she tried to retrieve the g…, but thankfully, Shaffer wasn’t the only one who had followed the elderly wife to the bedroom.

Thankfully, the elderly woman’s husband was right behind her, and he was able to get the g…. After retrieving the f…., the elderly man shot his w… at Shaffer multiple times, s… him several times and k… him, according to The Blaze. The woman was airlifted to a hospital in critical condition. Her husband was also taken to the hospital and said to be in stable condition, according to police, who added that Shaffer lived down the street from the elderly couple, but they were not acquainted.

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