VIDEO: 7-Year-Old Girl Runs Inside, Tells Her Mom That A ‘Tricky Man’ Offered To Give Her A New Bike


A 7-year-old girl came barreling through the door of her home to tell her mom what a “tricky man” outside had done. Alarmed, the concerned mother pulled up surveillance footage from outside her front door and was left t…. by what she saw.

Emmy McCardell was sunbathing outside her Salt Lake City home when the 7-year-old was offered a friendly greeting. But, Emmy had been taught at an early age about “stranger danger,” and even at just 7 years old, the warning bells automatically went off for the little girl.

After the car pulled up, a “tricky man,” as Emmy called him, asked her an enticing question that could pique any child’s interest, but rather than fall for it, the little girl bolted inside to her mother, who immediately knew something was wrong. What she saw on surveillance footage left her h….-struck. Now, she wants others to be aware of the gut-churning incident.

Emmy was relaxing on her sidewalk when a car suddenly crept up to her house, and a stranger inside said, “Hello.” Confused, the young girl lifted her head to have a look and caught sight of a stranger in front of her house. She began to get to her feet when the words the “tricky man” said next sent her running for her mother. “Do want a bicycle?” he asked. In that instant, Emmy knew something wasn’t right.

Luckily, Emmy knew just what to do. “No!” she yelled as she ran into her home. Her mom Michelle was uneasy when her t… daughter ran through the door. She knew something was very wrong the second she laid eyes on her t…. daughter. Then, Emmy began to explain what had just happened. H….-struck, Michelle quickly grabbed her cell phone to check the footage from their security camera. What she saw was every mother’s worst n…..

Of course, thousands of those cases are “parental kidnappings.” However, the source adds, “In 1999, an estimated 58,200 children were victims of non-parental abduction. The federal government estimated 840,279 missing persons cases in 2001; about 50,000 were classified to be younger than 18. Around 100 cases per year can be classified as abductions by strangers.”

Regardless of the statistics, no parent wants their child to end up one. As a parent, we already worry about our children day in and day out. We try to keep them safe by advising them of possible threats, hoping that if a situation arises when we’re not around, our child will know how to stay safe. This serves as a good reminder to all parents that we must educate our kids about the dangers they may face in this frightening world and what to do if evil darkens our doorstep.

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