VIDEO: Police Officer Gets P…. By Suspect, His K9 Partner Becomes A Fur Missile


In a video that some have called “the greatest thing on the internet,” a guy is seen p…. a police officer before learning the hard way that the cop wasn’t alone. He had his trusted K9 partner with him, and the fierce fur missile was going to make sure the suspect knew he had made a big mistake.

City of Newburgh Police K9 Lee has become an internet sensation after helping his partner, Officer Roman Scuadroni, apprehend and detain a man a… with a k….. Officer Scuadroni was responding to a report about unwanted trespassing when he found 31-year-old Tony Mann pacing a driveway. A statement from the Newburgh Police Department said Mann had entered the driveway and th…. the o… with a k…. prior to Officer Scuadroni arriving at the scene.

According to Times Herald-Record, Randy Martinez was leaving his home on the 300-block of Washington Street in Newburgh, New York with a friend when he spotted a man acting strangely, dancing around, making lewd hand gestures, and appearing to be on d…. “I rolled down the window and was going to tell him he can’t be on my property, and then he takes out his k…., and I’m just like, ‘Oh, God, no. What’s going to happen?’” Martinez recalled.

After the man, later identified as Tony Mann, threatened Martinez and his friend with a folding k…, Martinez, who was in the passenger’s seat, quickly rolled up his window and told his friend to drive off. Mann walked to the back of Martinez’s home, and Martinez’s first thought was to protect his mom, his mom’s friend, and aunt who were cooking near the backdoor. “I was so scared,” Martinez said. So, he immediately asked his friend to return to his home as he called the city police.

When Officer Scuadoni responded to that call and approached the suspect, Martinez recorded the encounter with his cell phone. Mann appeared to be under the influence of a n… as he stood in the driveway in front of the police SUV, waving his a… and taking a f… stance. Then, totally unprovoked, he p… Scuadroni in the face as he tried to talk to him. The a…. was all caught on video.

Unfortunately for Tony Mann, Officer Roman Scuadroni hadn’t arrived at the scene alone. So, rather than return the p…., he introduced Mann to his backup. After calmly taking a step back towards his police vehicle, Scuadroni opened the door, releasing his K9 partner Lee, who didn’t seem too pleased that his human handler had been p… in the face.

Immediately after K9 Lee was released from the SUV, he grabbed Mann’s a… in his mouth and assisted Officer Scuadroni in taking the suspect to the ground. A struggle ensued between Scuadroni, Mann, and Lee as the K9 attempted to control the suspect’s left a….. while Mann continued to resist.

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