Video of ‘Superhero’ Officer Lying Down, Playing Dolls With Little Girls Goes Viral


The mother saw what was going on and quickly took out her telephone to snap a photograph. The video’s subtitle goes, “Gotham has Batman. City has Superman. Wakanda has Black Panther. Furthermore, South Hill, Virginia has C.B. Fleming.”

Corporal C.B. Fleming doesn’t go around the city wearing a dark cape and veil, nor does he really want a tool belt with cool contraptions to stand out, yet the local children actually call him Batman. The 42-year-old Fleming is well known, particularly with the children, in South Hill, Virginia.

A gas spill prompted this official’s name turning into a web sensation. He went through the midday it were protected to ensure the youngsters. What’s more, that is the point at which they gave him the tender epithet. Fleming showed up at Iesha Roper-Boswell’s home along with a couple of crisis responders because of a dispatch call the week before. They ensured the house was protected first then he began talking with Roper-Boswell.

The 28-year-old mother before long opened up to Fleming, letting him know that her little girl, niece, and different children in the area feared cops. After that discussion, Fleming got down on the walkway so he could play with the youngsters. The children were clearly astounded and glad to have another close friend.

One in uniform! Roper-Boswell was paralyzed. Roper-Boswell caught a fast video utilizing her telephone, ensuring she recorded the inspiring second. A video’s been seen on many times on both Facebook and YouTube. Fleming is a dad to four organic youngsters and two embraced kids.

He has been working at the South Hill Police Department in Virginia throughout the previous 15 years, and he’s generally made it an individual objective to be a positive piece of his local area. “It’s something I’ve generally attempted to do,” Fleming told.

“At the point when I landed into this position, I realized there was something other than what’s expected, other than composing tickets and being the terrible individual constantly. I assumed if I could be that splendid spot in somebody’s day then that is all that made a difference.” “He’s amazing. That is the main word you can truly use to portray C.B.,” Roper-Boswell says. “It’s simply astonishing, the bond he has with the kids.

“For him to cause my kid to feel like she’s protected, she doesn’t need to call 911, she simply needs to call C.B. assuming she’s in a difficult situation. I’m happy he made this aspect of his responsibilities. He’s changed my little girl and niece’s lives.” Now this is genuine public assistance. Fleming needn’t bother with an extravagant sign or an eye catching suit. Truth be told, he wears similar uniform as his associates however it is his mentality towards his work and others that has a significant effect.

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