Girl With No Arms Sings & Plays The Piano With Her Feet, Ends Up Winning The Show


The powerful video featured below just might bring tears to your eyes. Meet Lorelai Mosnegutu from Romania. This talented girl was born with some severe physical deformities. That is why she was abandoned by her birth mother. But Lorelai proved she was a fighter. Her adoptive mother, Veronica Parvulescu (nicknamed Mama Vio), has played a big part in her life. She helped the little girl become the best version of herself; and even though Lorelai had no arms, Mama Vio made sure she would grow up to be independent.

Mama Vio taught the little girl to use her feet. She also helped Lorelai become an academic all-star. Even at such a young age, this gifted girl has already written 10 books and has begun to write poetry as well. Lorelai didn’t speak until she was three years old. As you can imagine, growing up so visibly different from others was pretty tough on her. But slowly, she started feeling comfortable in her own skin. And then she learned how to do just about everything she possibly could, with her feet.

Lorelai paints, uses a laptop, and even plays the piano with her toes. When she was 14 years old, she participated in Romania’s Got Talent. She ended up winning the show. The video below features her audition performance and it is mind-blowing. Her performance left the entire room in tears. Not only did she play the piano, but she also sang. Her audition impressed the judges so much that they pressed the Golden Buzzer!

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