Veteran Left With Empty House After Chemotherapy Treatments Weeps When Neighbors Show Up With Furniture


Service to country doesn’t always ensure that life will be fair and easy when you return. An Air Force veteran from El Cajon, California, was going through a very difficult time dealing with cancer and deciding to halt the chemotherapy he had been receiving. He said he wanted to live in his “dream home” with the quality of life he had left, but his humble apartment lacked even ordinary things.

Ron Hyde stopped by the local Goodwill Center and spotted a pale pink recliner that was selling for $25. There was just a small problem; Ron did not have a car to bring the recliner home.

A woman named Laura heard about the transportation issue, so she posted on Facebook and asked for a kind stranger to help. Laura also asked if anyone would like to help furnish Ron’s apartment with furniture they didn’t need reports 10 News.

Then, Ron Hyde’s life changed, and he wasn’t prepared for the outpouring of love.

A U-Haul truck rolled up jammed with stuff like a TV and some DVDs, lamps, chairs, end tables and a lot more. The Air Force veteran couldn’t believe his eyes, dropped to his knees and wept, praying to God in thanks.

The community of El Cajon had responded to a veteran in need and did so with energy, love and respect. Volunteers brought in the furniture and helped make it cozy for Ron. He was so touched by the generous gesture from complete strangers. He admits he’s frightened as he faces this final chapter in his life, but every person has these feelings.

This is a sweet story; there is good in the world. Pass this video/story along, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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