7 Candies From The 50s We Had Completely Forgotten About


As a kid nothing was better than saving up a few pennies, and running down to the corner store to buy a treat. While we definitely had our favorites — many of which are still around today — there is some candy that you just don’t see in stores anymore. We decided to take a trip down memory lane and look back at some of the candy we’ve completely forgotten about.

1. Satellite Wafers – Also known as Flying Saucers, these colorful little treats were filled with candy beads, and were almost like two treats in one!

2. Black Jack Taffy – Black Jack Taffy, or as we called them, Black Jacks, had that delicious licorice swirl in the center. Do you think kids today would enjoy this treat as much as we did?

3. Super Bubble – They added a few different flavors over the years, but nothing beats the original. We used to be able to blow the biggest bubbles (just be careful not to get it in your hair).

4. Bit-O-Honey – This almond, honey-flavored taffy was a favorite growing up. It had all the chewiness of a piece of gum, but you could swallow it when you were done! They used to come in bite-sized pieces and full-sized bars.

5. Candy Cigarettes – These are something you definitely won’t see much of anymore. They used to come in a sort of chalky sugar flavor, chocolate, or bubblegum.

6. Chuckles – These colorful jelly candies, coated lightly with sugar, used to come in five delicious flavors: cherry, lemon, lime, orange, and licorice, and you’d get one piece of each flavor per package.

7. Caramel Creams – Whether you called them Chewies, Bulls Eyes or just caramels, these delightful candies were a personal favorite. Surrounded by decadent caramel was a creamy center that kids everywhere loved!

What was your favorite candy growing up? Let us know in the comments below!

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