Stranger Writes Note On Dad’s Bill About His 2 Children But Doesn’t Know One Of His Triplets Died


There’s no greater loss for a parent than the loss of a child. For Dan and Maxi Cortez, they got off to a running start when it came to beginning a family, as Maxi found herself pregnant with triplets after a long and arduous process of IVF treatments.

According to her GoFundMe page, Maxi gave birth to three beautiful children after suffering the pain of infertility for so long. It was a time of celebration and joy for the young couple, but tragedy would soon strike. While their little girls Hope and Harlow were born healthy, their son Landon was not as blessed.

After seven short weeks together, Landon passed away after suffering from meningitis. The young parents were devastated. Despite being fortunate enough to still have two healthy young girls, they mourned the loss of their little boy.

To try to raise their spirits after almost a year of struggling to come to terms with the loss of their son, the Cortez family went out to eat for the first time at a restaurant to celebrate Father’s Day. It was there that something incredible happened.

After finishing their bittersweet celebration and getting up to pay their bill, the Cortez family was shocked to discover that an anonymous stranger had already paid their tab. While this surprise gift would have been shocking enough for anyone, they couldn’t prepare themselves for the message that the anonymous stranger had scribbled on the back of the receipt.

“Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy your babies. They don’t stay little for long! [Signed,] The Family Across From You,” the beautiful note read, along with a drawing of a smiling face.

While mourning their loss, the Cortez family had forgotten how blessed they were to still have their two little girls, even if their son was no longer with them. This kind act by a stranger reminded them that they needed to enjoy this magical time with their daughters.

“[Maybe you’ll] never know our story or the impact of [how] something so little could affect our lives,” a grateful Maxi Cortez wrote on her Facebook page, with the hope that the anonymous stranger might somehow see it. “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

The local media soon caught wind of this amazing story. While the anonymous family hasn’t come forward yet, Dan and Maxi Cortez are thrilled to share their story with anyone who wants to listen. Not only do they want to inspire others to perform such wonderful acts of kindness, but they want to keep their son’s memory alive.

This story shows how the smallest act of kindness might have a bigger impact than you even realized. Have you ever had a stranger make a huge impact on you or help you when you needed it the most? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this article along to your friends and family!

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